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  How many different emotions do you have in a day? What creates them? Have you ever wondered why they show up and where they come from? 

  There are over 600 ways to describe how we feel; from angry to frustrated, lost or confused, ambivalent to feeling relief, motivated, pumped or in love. Emotions conjure up memories unique to each one of us or conversely, an experience from the past triggers an emotional reaction.  When we allow our emotions their expression and are able to live in the present moment, all is good.

   If however we’re influenced by emotional reactions, if we lash out in traffic or beat ourselves up, play the victim or don’t feel worthy, then those wild cards create a life by default rather than a life from inspiration. I knew someone who won the lottery and blew through it in under a year. He later admitted that he didn’t feel worthy of success.

    If we ran a computer with viruses and endless pop-up ads we’d no doubt upgrade or have it cleaned out so it more adequately suited what we intended to do.

  We all run on emotional programs that were largely embedded into us during our formative years. Those programs colour the world around us and are for the most part based on other people’s beliefs, values, culture, religion and our unique family upbringing. Emotions remind us how life felt back then and they create the foundation of our world view now and moving forward. Questioning the program and what no longer serves us is like cleaning out our hard drive

    It was determined that the most important question for human beings is “Who am I?” And our deepest desire is to be heard. To know more about who you are and why you are is to understand your thought processes in order to better decide who you will become.

  As an example; there was a report on a father and his two sons; the father was in prison, his one son was on trial for various indiscretions while the other son was an upstanding citizen. The reporter asked the same question to both sons; “How is it that you turned out this way? Surprisingly both gave the same answer “With a father like that, what else could I do”.  While one son questioned his past as an opportunity to change his experience into an empowering future, the other saw his program as a curse to follow in the footsteps of his father’s influence as if he had no other choice.

  There’s an expression that goes “If you don’t think you have a choice then you’ve given yourself no other choice but to think that”.

  Life is an ongoing series of choices and asking questions is like discovering keys to the doors of alternatives, potential and possibilities.

  John Lennon was asked by a teacher what he wanted to be in life and he responded “Happy”, the teacher said “I don’t think you understand the question” to which John replied “I don’t think you understand life”.

  People struggle because at some level they’ve been told that life is hard. People fail because they believe they’re not worthy of success. If happiness, health or success is your destination how will you get there without a road map to better understand the obstacles along the way? Emotions are energy in motion and can either supercharge or deflate your experiences past, present and future. 

   When the light of our emotions is low we walk in the shadows of our past. When we shed the light of awareness on our path we give ourselves the power to choose where we go and how we express ourselves with knowledge and understanding. takes you on a journey of self-awareness by understanding the most important influence in our world. How you feel determines who you are and is the template for who you could become. It allows you to question recurring, depleting emotions and what’s really going on. It helps you build on feelings you want to experience more of. creates a safe and private environment where you can talk, be heard and get feedback from others who also want to better understand. Cervantes said; “Make it thy business to know thyself” which, he added “is the most difficult lesson in the world”. has created the environment; it’s your choice to take the first step…


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Youtalkabout is a way of exploring the emotions we all experience, where they originate, and how they influence our thoughts and behaviour.  Each emotion that you type into the search bar is followed by a definition in order to clarify if that's what you're really feeling. There are alternative emotions to create options and questions to help you gain better understanding. Then when you're ready, Talk about it! Create your own private journal. You can keep a record of your entries in a variety of catagories.  As you delve deeper, you will find that getting to know yourself is like working on a jigsaw puzzle. The more questions you answer, the more parts of yourself will be revealed, and the big picture of who you are will become more and more clear.   

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- Author Unknown
- Thomas Szasz
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- Cherie Carter-Scott

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