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We all have emotions - feeling sad, distressed, angry, lost, confused, frustrated, anxiety, panic, happy, or excited and more; however, many people don’t quite understand what it all means?

Youtalkabout is an opportunity to further explore what you're going through without feeling embarrassed, ashamed, judged or like you have to hold back.

Confidentiality is assured. Personal content on this site is not shared or viewed by anyone else. You choose your own email account, username and password. The administrators of this site do not have access to your personal information.

Youtalkabout is about you! There is no special interest agenda or dogma. The personal journal/blog is for you to create. It's a way to talk about what you're going through by asking questions and exploring possible answers to create deeper self-awareness.

Youtalkabout is a way of exploring the emotions we all experience, where they originate, and how they influence our thoughts and behaviour.  Each emotion that you type into the search bar is followed by a definition in order to clarify if that's what you're really feeling. There are alternative emotions to create options and questions to help you gain better understanding. Then when you're ready, Talk about it! Create your own private journal. You can keep a record of your entries in a variety of catagories.  As you delve deeper, you will find that getting to know yourself is like working on a jigsaw puzzle. The more questions you answer, the more parts of yourself will be revealed, and the big picture of who you are will become more and more clear.   

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- Author Unknown
- Thomas Szasz
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- Author Unknown
- Cherie Carter-Scott

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Some helpful guidelines
Knowing yourself means to be in good company when you're alone.  It is being who you are, without
 We exist in comparison or 'relative' to everything else (which affects how we feel about ourselv
"Listening, not imitation may be the greatest form of flattery"  - Joyce Brothers
It has been said that communication is the cause of and solution to most of life's problems/chall
All of life is motion, nothing stands still.

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