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Q. Talk about it! I feel doubtful when / because:

when I don't usually get the results that I'm looking for, which leads to more doubt

Q. "When in doubt, do nothing, it is better do refrain from action than to do something you are unsure of". You are between uncertainty and certainty. Let things become more clear. Talk about what's at stake.

I might be uncertain of the results that I want. I'm not sure if I want to be around a couple of people. I'm not sure if they're good influences for me to evolve with.

Q. Who is involved and what are some possible scenarios?

well we get along well if the conversation is superficial, about everyday things but when I talk about deeper issues they seem to want to influence the way I handle things without listening to what I want to say or do.

Q. How will your eventual decisiveness help you in the bigger picture of what you want / desire?

I don't know how to handle it cause it's nice to hang out but a drag when I feel like someone knows what I need better than I do..

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I know it's a tough one. I recently had an experience with a 'friend' when I asked her for a favor in return for the many times I helped her out. I got no response. I knew that she needed to be the center of attention but when it came to reciprocating my request was definitly not as important as anything going on in here life. Yes it's disappointing and would love to let her know what I think but I believe the most effective thing to do (in my experience) is to focus on the people that I know will respond to my needs. I simply make more room for those that I want in my life and less for the others.


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