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Q. How does feeling this way impact/affect your life

I don't know and it feels like just that, like I don't know. Maybe tomorrow it will become more clear but it seems right now like I don't know anything, like all my questions don't have answers and the ones I thought were right aren't anymore. It feels like I just got here on this planet and I'm wondering what the heck is going on. Seems kinda insane to tell the truth. Oh well, maybe it is all insane and I'll catch the next flight outta here....

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I can relate to you ,there have been a few times in my life where I feel like I finally figured something out about life and then its almost like the rules change and then I question everything. Or I don't seem to speak the same language as anyone else..

Like the saying goes,this too shall pass.To me thats a good sign to just sit back and observe everything around you, to me its just like taking stock and re evaluating my life,my thoughts,my beliefs and habits to see if they still ring true for me and if they still fit. If they don't then there is something to look at and explore what does fit. Somethingmay have worked well and served me in the past but just doesn't fit today..

Anyway,not sure if that helped any and the reply is pretty late now.Would be curious to see how you feel today about all this..



Yes that's how it feels, that one day you're connected and the next you feel alone. This too shall pass is good to remember cause it's not like I have to be connected all the time. In fact it's good to just stand back once in a while and observe. I feel better after a sleep sometimes, like that resets things a bit. I'll try to observe more and see what happens. Thanks


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