Things that work

Things that workThis is a space to talk about what works for you.

Whatever helps you get to a place of feeling better. For example, what do you do when you feel nervous? what do you do wehn you worry too much? what do you do when your depressed? what do you do when your bored? Talk about whatever makes you feel better.


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Great movie

Nice walks help me to process things. The more natural the setting the more I feel calm enough and relaxed so that I can deal with whatever is on my mind, or whatever else comes up.

Stuffing my face with whatever I feel like when I don't feel like I'm myself.

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Going for a walk with a close friend. Sometimes I  just need a good friend to be a sounding board for me.It helps to make things more clear if I can vent first.

Yes I agree, it is nice to feel comfortable and talk about what's going on. I like it too. I find that walking and talking is a good balance. It helps us breath, enjoy nature and talk about what comes up.

For about a month now I've been meditating but not in the way that my mind had envisioned it. A friend suggested that I spend some time in my own fine company and figure out some of the questions that I've been wondering about. She said that instead of asking others about the direction of my life it would be a good idea to sit down with myeself, try to relax and just be aware of what comes up, with a pen and paper by my side so that I wouldn't have to try to remember if anything important came up. I have to admit I wasn't really keen on the idea because I didn't feel like sitting in the yoga position with my hands on my knees. But she enlightened me by telling me that meditation is simply spending time with yourself, whether that means going for a walk, listening to calming music or doing something that I enjoy without being overly distracted. A time to 'hang out' withmyself and consider what's going on. Well I took her advice, bought a zero gravity lawn chair, put a nice banket in it to make it more comfortable, bought headphones and settled in to hang out with me (I use relaxing music online and something called 'binaural beats' which I highly recommend). I have to admit that my mind usually bounces around for the first little while but after that it settles down and I can focus on my breathing while allowing other thoughts to come and go writing down the stuff that I need to remember. I find that the issues that need to be dealt with move to the forefront and I can allow answers to come without forcing them. As I said it's been a month and I still meditate morning and evening. As my friend said "don't expect the world to change, just notice the little changes" and I have. First of all I'm more relaxed but people around me seem to be as well. The expression "what we focus on becomes out reality" seems to be working a little bit at a time. Sometimes I get frustrated that the things that I want to attract into my life don't appear faster but when I'm having a crappy day and focussing on that, I'm grateful that my crap doesn't become a bigger part of my reality so I learn to chill out and try to go with the flow. The analogy of the seed is a good reminder of the changes happening. A seed grows when it's nurtured and cared for and so do the changes that I want to see in my life. The more attention I give them the better I feel and the more they grow.


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