AngryAngry: The strong feeling caused by extreme displeasure

Alternative emotions:

  • feeling peaceful;
  • accepting;
  • composed;
  • relaxed

Anger allows us to say "No", which helps us to define boundaries. This is a healthy response if you are communicating clearly about what you don't want in your life.  Anger can also be a defense mechanism when repressed emotions come into play. When sensitive issues, past hurts or wounds are triggered, we protect ourselves with anger because its message to others is: "Don't get any closer."  The more sensitive the issue, the more automatic the reaction even though in most cases our physical well-being is not threatened.

Anger is a primary emotion, so when it comes up, look into it. Find out what provokes it and the reasons behind it. If it's healthy anger (which allows you to create healthy boundaries) express it and move on. If it lingers and festers with no useful purpose, explore it.  In most cases, it's based on past experiences.

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- Author Unknown
- Thomas Szasz
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- Cherie Carter-Scott

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