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what are women talk about?A study shows that women talk three times as much as men. As a man, It would be interesting to know when women get together - what are they really talking about? Highschool BF, girls' night out, bar talk with a couple of cocktails ... What are they talking about?

From my research, younger women most likely talk about fashion, cosmetics, guys, sex, plans for the future, the latest gossip such as who's cheating on who, who's dating who, who had sex with who, who dumped who, who's broke, who's rich... while older women talk about children, family problems, past life, health, TV shows, work, bad bosses, and so on.

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- Thomas Szasz
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- Cherie Carter-Scott

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Knowing yourself means to be in good company when you're alone.  It is being who you are, without
 We exist in comparison or 'relative' to everything else (which affects how we feel about ourselv
"Listening, not imitation may be the greatest form of flattery"  - Joyce Brothers
It has been said that communication is the cause of and solution to most of life's problems/chall
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